At Cowan Lettings we understand that a rental property is not just a flat or a house it’s a tenants’ home. We believe tenants’ should feel safe and secure in their property and not kept in the dark during this time.

We think good relationships and good communications is the key for us to run a successful business, so each property will have a property manager who knows the property, the landlord and the tenant. Throughout the tenancy we will help tenants wherever we can and also support the tenants’ understand their rights and also their responsibilities.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I pay my rent?

Tenants are required to pay by standing order. It is the tenant’s responsibility to set this up before the 2nd month’s rent is due (first month paid before moving in). The standing order should be set up to pay us a few days early before the monthly rent is due, this is so it clears in our account ready to be paid on the rent due date.

Do you charge tenancy fees?


How do I view a property?

Just give us a call on 0131 237 9046 and we will be happy to arrange this for you.

Will I be reference checked?

Yes, we will require a credit check. We also require employment and any previous landlord references. If you are self-employed we may request references from another source. We use Vouch Referencing for checks.

How much deposit will I have to pay?

Normally this is one months rent plus a £100. This can be different if negotiated between the tenant and landlord upon offer. If an offer is made and landlord is happy a deposit will be required(normally full deposit) to take property off the market and start credit checking and referencing.

What is a tenancy deposit scheme?

Tenancy deposits are to be held by an government approved third party, Landlords or agents can no longer hold the tenants deposit. Any deductions from the deposit the landlord wishes to make i.e. cleaning or repair it must be applied for through a third party scheme so the tenant can agree or disagree.

Will there be an inventory?

Yes, an Inventory is a vital document use to record a written and photographic representation of the property and its contents condition. Tenants will have 7 days of moving in to sign and return the inventory back to Cowan Lettings.

What else will I have to do after moving in?

Yes, apart from paying rent there is a few other things we require tenants to do upon moving into the property.
Council Tax – Tenants are responsible for the setting up and ending of council tax payment
Contents Insurance – Tenants are required to get adequate contents insurance while they occupy the property.
Utility’s – Tenants are responsible to contact utility suppliers informing them of your details and meter readings.
TV/PHONE/BROADBAND- If tenants require Tv or Wifi(who doesn’t?) they are responsible for setting this up.
Inventory – The inventory is required to be checked, signed and return to Cowan Lettings within 7 days

What do I do if there is a maintenance emergency?

EMERGENCY!!…. What donates an emergency is different in many people’s eyes, but we say that if there is an immediate threat of danger to injure a person or there is an serious chance of further damaging a property.

Note: A Landlord will only pay for genuine emergency maintenance out of office hours. Tenants may be liable if emergency contractors are call out to attend the property unnecessarily, if in any doubt tenants are encouraged to call out of office hours team on 0131 467 0642 where we will be happy to assist.

Leak – If a small leak can be collected in a container or bucket tenants should empty this periodically and contact us during office hours. If there is a severe leak or burst pipe tenants should shut the water off at the stop cock valve(locations shown on tenants info pack) and clean up any excess water. Give us a call and we will arrange for a plumber to attend as soon as we can. If water is coming from an adjacent property tenant’s should contact their neighbour and get them to shut off the water if possible. If the neighbours cannot be contacted tenants should call the Environmental Health Department on 0131 200 2000 and inform them there is serious ingress of water.

Gas – If you smell gas or suspect a leak from an appliance, call the Gas Emergency Services immediately on 0800 111 999 (24 hours). Open windows and doors and if necessary vacate the property. Do not turn on an electrical appliances or switches.

Heating or Hot water – We only consider this and immediate emergency if it is winter an there is an elderly person or baby in the property. Tenants should check if there is a combi- boiler it is pressurised properly (Between the 1 and 2 in the green zone) or the pilot light is on. Tenants should check the instructions to relight pilot light or top the boiler up.
Electrical – If property losses electricity tenants should check circuit breaker, making sure it has not just tripped. The breaker must be is pointed to “ON”. If there is a power cut check with your neighbour and call your local Electricity Network Operator’s 24-Hour Emergency Helpline on 0800 092 9290(Scottish Power Energy Networks)

What do I do if there is a maintenance issue?

Tenants should call us on 0131 467 0642 and we deal with it in 24hrs.

How do I end the tenancy I want to move out?

Private Residential Tenancy(PRT) Serving Notice –
If you want to leave and end the tenancy you must give the landlord 28 days’ notice in writing. Tenants can contact us, and we will give you a template which makes it easy to submit.

further information on Private Residential Tenancies, the Scottish Government have produced an “Information for Tenants” guide:

I’m moving out is there anything I need to do?

• You must ensure you leave the property in a clean and tidy condition that is suitable for it to be re-let. If cleaning is required, the costs will be deducted from your deposit.
• The utilities should be paid in full up to your vacating date.
• Contact the council informing them you are moving out, so they can update their records.
• Check the inventory – Please ensure that no items have gone missing or have been damaged during the term of your tenancy. If there is anything missing or damaged which is listed in the inventory this will need to be replaced. No personal belongings/unwanted items are to be left in the property.
• On the date that you vacate the property we will meet with you to collect the keys.
• Please also arrange with the post office for your mail to be redirected
• You should contact the DVLA and companies like Amazon to inform the property is no longer your permanent address.

How do I get my deposit back?

We will carry out a final condition report on completion of the tenancy comparing it to the inventory (happy for you to attend). If any cost is needed to rectify our findings we will get estimates and inform to the Tenancy Deposit Scheme our findings. Once the process has begun, each party has 30 working days to respond. If both parties agree to the amount, the scheme will refund within 5 working days of that decision. If there is a dispute, the undisputed amount is refunded within the 5 working days and the disputed amount goes through the adjudication process, this can take a further 14 working days and then we need to wait for the adjudicator’s decision. The entire dispute process can take up to around 8 weeks, to reach conclusion.

NOTE: Tenants CANNOT use the deposit to pay the last month’s rent.


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Agent Registration No: LARN1910004

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